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Is your organization’s mission focused on helping others, or does your group have a project it has always wished to accomplish but hasn’t had the support? All VISTA projects focus on building permanent infrastructure in organizations to help them more effectively bring individuals and communities out of poverty, through in-direct sustainability and capacity building.  VISTA Sponsors come in many shapes and sizes, from government organizations to non-profit start-ups, all of whom want additional support for programs fighting poverty. Find out more – email us.

What types of work do VISTAs do?

Volunteer Coordinator – VISTAs may build capacity by strengthening existing volunteer programs or developing new ones for their project sites. They may serve as Volunteer Coordinators by coordinating and facilitating projects and volunteer services for their project sites. VISTAs recruit and keep records of prospective and current volunteers, schedule hours and assignments suitable for volunteers and provide training – while designing sustainable volunteer programs for their sites.

Local Outreach/Public Relations – VISTAs may build capacity by developing ongoing and sustainable relations with the community serviced by project, and by communicating activities and services offered to potential service users and community members. These VISTAs might develop material to market services and programs (e.g., brochures, press releases, articles, flyers, pamphlets, web page, advertisement, etc.). Outreach VISTAs promote the message of the project to the general community by learning all aspects of the project and using available media to spread knowledge and gain a wider community support of the program.

Public Liaison – VISTAs engaged in these tasks might develop partnerships and relations with targeted organizations and agencies and works to expand collaborations with other community and public agencies for additional resources and funding.

Grant Writer/Fund Raiser – VISTAs might generate income for project operation, through collaborative fund raising events or grant writing.

Project Enhancement Volunteer – VISTA volunteers might assist with strengthening projects functioning by improving systems, methods of operations, and physical plan of projects. Roles could include: developing manuals, acquiring equipment and furniture through the private sector, searching for low-income service methods, conducting effectiveness and feasibility studies, establishing a computer database and more.

Local Resource Developer – These VISTAS develop relationships with other community resources for “one-stop shopping” by researching and cataloging local services, eligibility criteria and service providers.

Employment Assistance Communicator – VISTAs may develop job-training/readiness programs by collecting information resources to help clients obtain employment, or may developing programs to encourage job training and awareness by enlisting community members and private sector participants.

Community Developer – VISTAs work to develop capacity by developing and strengthening programs under the guidance of their project stes.



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